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We pledge to start a conversation about Mental health

We pledge to make it easy

Mental health in India sometimes comes with a add-on stigma from society, family and friends that a person suffering from mental health is weak, unstable or worse “mental” But things are changing slowly and the future generation is becoming more emotionally literate than traditional generations.
In this new Era of new India, Mind Unwind aims to facilitate the conversations of changing India around mental health.
Mind Unwynd aims to make mental health conversations a normal convo and not a “tough” convo, We aim to normalise talk about mental health with friends and family and we aim to make it easy to seek professional help.

Meet the Team

We are proud of our team with diverse strengths and perspective which make Make Unwynd truely unique


Sanket Singh

Director and Co-Founder

Sanket started Mind Unwynd with the aim of improving help-seeking in the youth of India by communicating about mental health, doing workshops and providing a platform where people who are in need of support can browse the vibe they are looking for.


Leena Sardana

Director and Co-Founder

Leena is passionate about human expression and mental health. She understood the desperate need for mental health safe spaces and qualified professionals in India and made a switch from HR to expressive arts and started Mind Unwynd to bring quality professionals under one roof.

She also leads all workshop initiatives at Mind Unwynd.


Isha Sharma

Communications consultant

Isha brings with herself a magnitude of experience and consults the team with major communication and marketing strategies.

Isha understands the power of words and visuals and ensures Mind Unwynd is welcoming and inclusive in every communication.


Mrinal Bhatt

Social media and content manager

Mrinal is the wizard of social media. You will find him on our Instagram on the most relatable memes possible. He is a master at communicating real world MH problems with a light touch.

His background in psychology equips him with the knowledge to pen down our best psycho-educational content.


Ranbijay Kumar

Co-founder and Customer Onboarding Executive

Ranbijay has been an avid reader of human behaviour and psychology and strives to implement those takeaways in his work as a UX consultant for various MNCs.

Upon returning back to India from Melbourne, he discovered the gaps in the mental health demand and supply for the youth of the nation and partnered with Leena for Mind Unwynd.

Interested in what we doing here?

Mind Unwynd is in the startup phase and is looking for individuals who are passionate to get involved in the movement to make mental health conversations accessible.

If you are interested to join the team.

or directly connect with us on Linked in or Instagram we love a good chat.

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