Pune and its Mental Health

Pune, a tier 1 city, is the second largest state in the prominent state of Maharashtra. Known for its premium universities such as Fergusson College, Symbiosis International University, Savitribai Phule Pune University, and many more, Pune is an upcoming IT hub in India.


A study was conducted in 2012 by Deswal and Pawar, aimed at estimating the lifetime prevalence and 12 month prevalence of specific mental disorders. It was found that the overall lifetime prevalence of mental disorders was 5.03%. An interesting finding was the gender difference in the results, wherein males (5.30%) were higher than females (4.73%). Out of all the disorders assessed, prevalence of depression (1.75%) was the highest in the 12 month prevalence category. This was followed by substance use mental disorder (0.99%) and panic disorder (0.69%). According to the study, the reason for this prevalence rate was attributed to a treatment gap due to low prescription.


It has been observed that young people are more affected by mental issues in the city. Dr Swati Bhave, executive director of association of adolescent and child care in India (AACCI), told Hindustan Times (HT) that an increase in young people seeking help for depression can be seen. They come due academic pressure, relationship issues, changing educational patterns and ragging.

Dr Sukhada Chimote, central head and consultant psychiatrist at Institute of Psychological Health (IPH) confirmed the same by telling HT that earlier they used to get severe cases of disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. However, of late, young people have been increasing in terms of seeking help, majorly for adjustment disorder, depression and anxiety. He also revealed that patients as young as 3 years come to him.


In an interview with the Times of India (TOI), Sayantani Mukherjee, a psychiatrist in Pune stated that he observes 30-40 patients in a month who are battling with depression due to low self-esteem and other reasons. He suggests that such people be prescribed a combination of medicines, including antidepressants for at least 6 months, coupled with continuous psychotherapeutic intervention.


Another psychiatrist, Kaustubh Joag told TOI that depression amongst teenagers is not merely a weakness which can be overcome by sheer willpower. It requires professional treatment, absence of which can have serious consequences. Dr. Joag stated the benefits of treatment by saying that the symptoms of depression in teenagers eased with the progress in treatment and support from family.


This shows that there is still a need to create more awareness about mental health and the ill-effects of not addressing problems related to it carefully and with professional help.


However, despite this lack of knowledge about mental health in the city, and in our country in general, there are many institutions working towards the mental health of Pune’s people. Pratiti, a psychosocial rehabilitation centre for people with mental disorders provides opportunities for learning and practicing a range of practical based activities such as diya painting, lantern making, fabric painting, embroidery and crochet & bakery.


List of Mental Health Institutions in Pune


  1. Maharashtra Institute of Mental Health (MIMH) It is a state level, apex government institute, established in 1991 by the Government of Maharashtra. MIMH provides comprehensive and holistic mental health services for the prevention & treatment of mental health disorders and also for the promotion of positive mental health in the society.
  2. Centre for Mental Health, Jupiter Hospital– Established in 2007, Jupiter Hospital is a tertiary care Hospital that lays its foundation on a ‘Patient first’ ideology. Jupiter Hospital offers state of the art care for Neuropsychiatry, Psychotherapy, Stress Management and more.
  3. Center for Mental Health, Nupur DhakephalkarIt was founded in January 2018 by the Chief Clinical Psychologist Nupur Dhakephalkar and her trusted Assistant Psychologist Saee Patwardhan, with the intention of making expert and holistic mental health care available while creating awareness and reducing taboo and stigma around mental illness.
  4. Institute for Psychological Health (IPH) IPH was founded in 1990 in Thane by Dr. Anand Nadkarni, with the goal to reduce stigma about mental health and to spread the message of ‘Mental Health for All’. Today IPH is one of the prominent institutions working in the Mental Health field.
  5. The Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre– With its Advanced Facilities, Excellent Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders and Affordable Costs, it is one of the best Mental Asylums in India providing quality care and rehabilitation.




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