Taking small steps together 👍🏼

It’s usually not about “why n how” but if we can reach out to someone who is willing to “listen” without any judgements and advices?
Our society is evolving drastically in every aspect and I would like to use this platform to invite and acknowledge those who have made contributions in building mental health forums like these. I also want to encourage all of u to come forward seek help and share your concerns with whoever u feel comfortable.
I work in primary care, and as such, have the great privilege of being that listening ear to a great many people who need it. My message is always that we will get through this together; you don’t have to do this alone. I’m passionate about mental health, so I definitely wanted to share. If you are struggling with hopelessness or depression, talk to someone. You are not alone and there is help.
Geriatric counselling, can provide the assistance that older adults need. The help that these professionals provide often makes the lives of older adults and their families much easier, convenient, and more comfortable. In short, these counsellors help provide a better quality of life for those in their “golden years”.
In this special relationship the foundation is that of respect, empathy, and support.
Issues of loss, death and dying, physical and mental health changes, chronic illness and disability, and devastating pain are often intertwined for the older client. Individual counselling provides older clients the time and privacy to discuss thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing.
It matters to us .. u matter. We care 💕🤗



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